Fink Farewell: A whole lot of oboists in one room

Marc Fink  at Tripps Commons. Photos by Eric Tadsen.
Retiring oboe professor Marc Fink, enjoying a farewell dinner at UW’s Tripp Commons. Photos by Eric Tadsen.
Marc Fink
Marc and many of his former students, assembled at his dinner

It wasn’t exactly an oboe conference, but it could’ve been one, with the assortment of former Fink students who returned to Madison for his farewell concert and dinner on April 14. Fink, who served as UW-Madison oboe professor for forty years, retires this spring.

The concert, which was reviewed in Madison Magazine’s “Classically Speaking” blog, was a real crowd pleaser. An oboe choir made up of these and current students provided musical entertainment for the dinner with a rousing rendition of “On Wisconsin” arranged by Tina Nicholson.

“Marc Fink Offers the Best Kind of Long Goodbyes”

“It was a real pleasure to welcome back so many former students,” says Marc. They included three students from Marc’s first oboe class in 1973: Emily Auerbach, UW-Madison Professor of English; Lois Schmidt O’Keefe of Cedarburg; and Trish Miser Zamora of Brisbane/Milwaukee. Others included:

Andrea Gross Hixon (1994), Appleton
Anna Hendrickson (1992), Potsdam, NY
Carol Stephenson (1977), Washington, DC
Dan Brielmaier (1986), Toronto, Canada
Leah Fink (2010), Paris, France
Hannah Sartori Busse (2006), Madison
Heidi Hess (2009), Sheboygan
Howard Niblock (2000), Appleton
Jill Rupnow (1989), Paris, France
Kathryn Engelhardt (1984), New York, NY
Laura Medisky (2010), Madison
Matt Butterfield (2012), Pittsburgh
Pamela Treisman (2012), Milwaukee
Tina Nicholson (1990), Decatur, IL
William Wielgus (1980), Washington, DC
Kate Albrecht (2009), Milwaukee
Jessica Tritsch (2001), Minneapolis

Marc may be leaving UW, but Madison will still be able to hear his clear tone as principal oboist with the Madison Symphony Orchestra. Meanwhile, his replacement at UW for next year, Kostas Tiliakos, has an interesting story of his own. Stay tuned….

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