Website: www.music.wisc.edu

The UW-Madison School of Music is proud of its outstanding faculty, stimulating intellectual and artistic environment, successful graduates and presence on a world-renowned and beautiful university campus.

Established in 1895, the School of Music reflects the Wisconsin Idea of practical service to the state and its residents. A music degree program was organized in 1915, emphasizing training for public school music teachers. In 1939 the School gained acclaimed distinction with the creation of the first musical artist-in-residence position at any American university.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, founded in 1849, has been recognized throughout its history as one of the nation’s leading institutions of higher learning. With an enrollment of 40,000, its student body is one of the most diverse in the country, ranking third in the nation in the number of international students. Some 4,500 courses with 12,700 sections are available each semester. UW-Madison is one of the most picturesque college campuses in the country, lying as it does along the shore of Lake Mendota. The Madison area has five lakes, two of which form an isthmus where the state capitol building is situated. Madison, with a population of about 200,000, was voted No. 1 in the nation for business and careers by Forbes in 2004.





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