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More notable students: Aaron Hynds, Annie Melconian and Jeremy Zima

After calling for stories about notable students graduating this spring, Fanfare received many stories about notable students–period!  So we’ve decided to include them all. All were suggested by faculty, though some were written by students themselves. We included photos when available. If we missed yours, send it on to news@music.wisc.edu!  Note, however, that we received a surfeit of news about men–and we all know that women are just as successful. So, ladies, raise your voices! 

(From John Stevens) Aaron Hynds is a Collins Fellow who is graduating with his masters degree in tuba performance.  Although Aaron has distinguished himself as an outstanding performer in the UW Symphony Orchestra, Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble, solo recitals and a number of ad hoc performance situations, his real love is contemporary music – especially the newest, avant garde, experimental stuff.  Aaron, who comes from Decatur, Illinois and holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa, will be pursuing his Doctorate in Contemporary Music at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

Annie Melconian

(From Janet Jensen) Annie Melconian, a Fulbright Scholar from Baghdad, Iraq, just received her master’s degree in string development.  Annie was born into a family that valued both education and music, but nevertheless had only sporadic access to a musical education.  An undergraduate major in music was not an option; instead she earned a BS in Biology and began her career working in a lab in the morning and playing in the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra in the afternoon.  When security measures required that rehearsals take place in the morning, Annie faced a choice: music or laboratory work.  “This was a crossroads for me… Playing with the orchestra took me away from the daily terror  and tension in to a world of peace, love and hope.  So I chose music,” she says.

Annie sought professional development in music and violin in workshops and summer courses, including several months at the Guildhall School in London.  She was appointed to teach violin at the Baghdad Music and Ballet School, and was an active volunteer teacher of violin and choir in church settings and through Armenian General Benevolent Union, but she knew she needed to attain new skills. As she was interested in every aspect of string pedagogy and music education, she was a perfect candidate for UW’s Master of Music in String Development.  Now she returns to Iraq with full dedication and devotion to serve her community and Iraq.

“Iraqi schools are in need of music education.  I believe music will give [children] positive energy, raise spirits up, teach patience and creativity, and take them away from everyday terror and noise of gunshots, sirens, and the sound of generators,” Annie says. We wish her and her country healing and peace.

(From Pam Potter) Jeremy Zima, a Ph.D. candidate in musicology working under the direction of Pamela Potter, has been awarded the Ora Frischberg Salamon Fund Award of the American Musicological Society.  This award will allow him to travel to Germany to conduct research for his dissertation, “Aesthetics and Economics of the German Artist-Oper, 1912-1934.” Previously, Jeremy received the Wisconsin Musicology Fellowship (2011) and  a Vilas Travel Grant (2012) in support of his research. He has conducted archival research at Yale University and is planning a research trip to Berlin later this year.  His paper, “Strauss’s Intermezzo:  A New Look at the German Artist-Opera” was presented at the Spring 2013 meeting of the American Musicological Society-Midwest Chapter.

Jeremy Zima
Jeremy Zima

Jeremy received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music magna cum laude from Wisconsin Lutheran College, studying with virtuoso jazz guitarist Jack Grassel.  He received the Master of Music degree in Jazz Performance and Musicology from Western Illinois University, completing his thesis, “Race, Authenticity, and Trans-Atlantic Identity in Jazz Guitar before 1942,” with Dr. Brian Locke.  He has presented conference papers on a variety of topics, including Argentinian guitarist Oscar Aléman and the practice of “relicking” guitars.  Jeremy serves as Visiting Lecturer in the department of music at Wisconsin Lutheran College.